Welcome to Kern Egger Corpus Christi Real Estate

Welcome to Kern Egger Corpus Christi Real Estate

If there is one word that can describe Kern Eggar, it’s “determined”.

Kern Egger is a Corpus Christi, Texas based real estate agent. Her unsurpassed marketing expertise, along with her extensive business background, complement her desire to meet her clients’ needs, no matter what they are. Her Determined Spirit is the edge you need to help you reach, and often exceed, any or all of your real estate goals. If there’s a way to make it happen, Kern will find it.

Making It Happen

Kern has always been the kind of person who takes a challenge and doesn’t let go until she’s covered every angle and prevailed over the situation. Studying dance for many years, she practiced long hours to ensure she executed every steps perfectly. Along the way she realized she not only loved to dance, but she gained a personal sense of satisfaction from knowing she could take a complex move and make it her own. True to her nature, she has taken this resolute spirit further. Now, instead of just meeting a challenge she seeks them out, finds solutions and makes things happen.

Corpus Christi Real Estate Offerings

Kern Egger Corpus Christi Real Estate offers a wide variety of properties and listings including:

After Moving In – The Home Inspection

Home Inspection HeadacheIts important before moving into a new home to have a home inspection by a professional inspector. Despite the fact that in many states its a legal obligation for the previous home owner to divulge any known damage. Its the, “unknowns”, the previous owner may be unaware of. ¬†Little issues that, may be due to a previous lack of maintenance. And its good to get a second opinion, just in case.

Your Own Home Inspection

But even after you move in. It doesn’t hurt to have a look around for things that just might have been missed. Things that could cause one heck of a headache if they don’t get managed in the long run. These home inspections are more, “keeping an eye out”, over the first few weeks at least. Most of these are issues that may be intermittent. And this were easily missed by an inspector. Others may be caused by the act of moving out, or moving in.


Leaks are definitely one of those situations that may show up weeks after you move in. Change in temperature might cause pipes to contract opening space for water to leak. Water leaks often cause stains but if the leak is not common enough it can be painted over. Its not often that you will be lucky enough to have an inspector show up an a particularly rainy day when you can easily find roof leaks or leaks in windows or around doors.

Failing or Inadequate HVAC Equipment

You select your dream home on a nice Spring day. After all Spring is house hunting season. A few months later the movers get everything inside and you close the doors and crank on the AC. An hour passes and boy its still hot in this front rooms. The sun is just blasting right into that large beautiful living room. And its just not getting any cooler. This happened to a friend. The hot summers in her desert coupled with a large open space, large windows facing directly into the afternoon sun simply proved too much for the installed AC unit. This can not only make it difficult to heat or cool a home. But the the AC having to work extra hard can easily lead to it burning out.

Featured Listings Corpus Christi – Summer 2014

There are several new listings available in Corpus Christi this summer. Home buyers are sure to find a listing that they will love!

Featured Listings Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi, Texas Real Estate Listings – How’s the Market Right Now?

Overall list prices have been relativly steady for the last month, however a spike in prices in the last week of August suggest prices may be on the rise.
This while the number of inventory available in the C
Potential home buyers should act now to lock in the price they want on a property or home in Corpus Christi.

Kern Eggar can help you maximize your approach to purchasing a home. Contact her today and ask for her report, “Home Buyers, How to Avoid Paying Too Much.”